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Why We Do It

River City Loves Kindness was started in memory of founder Ann Quiring's parents, Ed and Priscilla Condyles. 

Priscilla was diagnosed with ALS in 2012 after two years of countless medical appointments. Once she was referred to the ALS clinic at the UVA medical center, she received wonderful care that added to her quality of life as her body deteriorated over a three year period.

Ed passed away from heart failure after years of requiring many heart surgeries at the  McGuire VA hospital. Ann believes that the kindness and quality care he received at McGuire VA hospital added ten years to his life.

Ann felt fortunate to be her parents helper and guide during these years. There were always days of unrest, frustration, sadness, but also comic relief and joy over the smallest victories or hurdles avoided. Ultimately these experiences built Ann's passion for ensuring that elders in our community live with dignity, happiness and the help they need to navigate complex issues related to aging and health.


What else would Ann say?  "Time is precious, spend it with the ones you love!"

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